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ban ○the technology and〓 services of "foreig●n adversaries"● deemed to ■pose nat


iona○l security ri■sks. The US Co〓mmerce Dep●artment conseq〓uently added Hua〓wei and 70 affiliate◆s to its Entity Lis◆t, banning ■Huawei from buying ◆parts and technology■ from US firms〓 without government● approval. The US ○later granted a 90-d○ay reprieve of ■the ban.Last w■eek,

Trump a●nd Secretary o●f State Mike Pompeo ■continued to 〓pressure EU le○aders to foll●ow suit or face con■sequences, s●uch as by W〓ashington h○alting US i◆ntelligence shari○ng.Many in Eur●ope have co○ncluded that t◆he US placed the● ban on Huawe●i in order● to curtail China's● rise and maintain◆ US technol〓ogy domina◆nce.Germany, ●France and ■the United Kin○gdom have so far ●rejected a t●otal ban of Huaw●ei. German〓 Chancello◆r An

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r building ●Germany's 5G ne○twork.The B○DI, the federatio◆n of German ind〓ustries, said "Europ■e needs to● maintain ●its own cou◆rse" and the EU wo◆uld decide i◆ndependently whic〓h companies it w〓ould allow to build● 5G network i■nfrastructure.Sha■da Islam, direct■or of Euro●pe and geopolitic■s at Friends of〓 Europe, a thin◆k tank in Brus〓sels, said the ■EU hasn't taken side●s on Huawei. "We h○ave our own i■nterests and our 〓own concer

ns, a〓nd we are voicing t●hem with increasing ●self-confidence ■on global ■stage," she〓 said.Abraham Liu, ●Huawei's chief● representative○ to EU inst○itutions, recently● said in Brussels th○at Huawei's 5G sol○ution is the best o○n the market ◆and to a large exten●t a European■ product. "It is 〓tailor-made for● Europe's ○needs," he said. ○Huawei has been oper■ating in Europe for ●almost 20 ye●ars and has 12■,000 employe〓es there, 70 perc

ent● hired locally.〓"Hua

wei is becoming■ the victi●m of bullying ○by the US administra○tion. This is n◆ot just an attack ag■

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Huawei● will only damage■ American i○nterestsPompeo's ●lies about Huawei wi〓ll only damage Amer●ican inter〓estsPompeo's lies ●about Huawei will● only dama●ge American inte〓rests05-31-201●9 09:10 BJT Pl■ease scan the○ QR Code to follow ○us on InstagramPlea〓se scan the■ QR Code to follow u●s on WechatCom◆mentary: Politiciz●

ive ord?/span>

ed ban on Hua●wei shows U.S. l●osing spirit of open●nessCommen●tary: Politi●cized ban on H〓uawei shows U.S. ●losing spirit o●f opennessCo●mmentary: Politicize●d ban on Hu●awei shows U.S. losi〓ng spirit of open■ness05-23-2019 ●08:06 BJTWASHIN●GTON, May 22 -- Was◆hington la

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